About us

Making of features on European films promotion from the early stages of production www.makingofeuropa.net
To raise levels of awareness about films as early as possible, right from the production phase. This is a key factor in film promotion, all the more so now that the Internet allows deep penetration of information – and pictures – in real time: creating buzz and word-of-mouth in advance, sending out news to the potential audience.
Only rarely do European films receive web promotion from the moment shooting starts. This is true especially for low-budget, but also for medium-budget titles. Even major European productions often enjoy a promotional effort only at an advanced stage of filming. Europanet, active from July 2002, aims to provide this kind of promotion service for European films.

Plan of action
Europanet intervenes as follows:

  • Identification of films entering the production stage (thanks to cooperation with EFP, which brings together all the European film promotion agencies);
  • Establish contact with producers of films as they arrive on set/location;
  • Arrange with producers, press offices to send a small-scale digital crew to film, over a maximum of two days, a “making of” feature on the film, following a standard formula;
  • Editing of footage recorded on set/location;
  • Edited pictures and sound to be forwarded to the broadcasting structure www.makingofeuropa.net which will prepare the hypertext required;
  • Finished product is posted on www.makingofeuropa.net
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The “making of” formula
Each making-of feature will be structured in accordance with a formula that is basically standard but still allows room for the young actors and artists involved to express themselves.
A series of five 90-second interviews, arranged in windows to be selected by the user:

  • Interview with the director;
  • Interview with one of the creative personnel (scriptwriter, director of photography, etc.);
  • Interview with the producer;
  • Actor/actress on his/her role;
  • Overview of the sets/locations;
  • another interview chosen by the making-of filmmaker to suit the characteristics of the production involved.