Movie Making

Making of features on European films promotion from the early stages of production
To raise levels of awareness about films as early as possible, right from the production phase. This is a key factor in film promotion, all the more so now that the Internet allows deep penetration of information – and pictures – in real time: creating buzz and word-of-mouth in advance, sending out news to the potential audience.

Only rarely do European films receive web promotion from the moment shooting starts. This is true especially for low-budget, but also for medium-budget titles. Even major European productions often enjoy a promotional effort only at an advanced stage of filming. Europanet, active from July 2002, aims to provide this kind of promotion service for European films.

The 5 Steps to Making a Movie

Movie making is an art. And as is the care for any art, there is never a set rule. Art is all about human emotion; it is about capturing the curiosities of people, and then entertaining them. It is about invoking inner feelings and then bringing them out. That being said making a good movie on a whole can be better handled if you go through a more structured process. It will make it more efficient, and help make your movie a success.

1. Development
This is the first and possibly most important stage. All of the ideas that you have need to be structured. You can take ideas from a book, any true story, or an older movie, or even make your own. In this stage it is important that every character is built up. Firstly a treatment for the story is produced; this is normally a 25 to 30 page description of the story with the key points highlighted. Once this is done, you contact a distributor to analyze the market for the movie, and start developing a screenplay, which is a relatively long process of numerous months. After the screenplay, everything about the movie should be clear, now is when you can look for directors and sponsors. This should all be sealed in contracts before the next step.
2. Pre-Production
Before you actually start shooting the movie, you should always do pre-production. Briefly stated; this is when you get everything ready for the actual production. This includes firstly making a schedule and finding locations for shooting the movie. By the end of this stage, you should have all of the production team ready, which is the director and casting director, the production and location manager, the director of photography, the sound, art and production designers, as well as the music composers, choreographers and obviously the actors. Moreover, the sets, props, costumes, the filming equipment, as well as the music and make up should all be ready.
3. Production
Now is when the actual shooting takes place. The lighting, props and sets should all be set up and the actors should be ready to do their job. Every scene should be shot and the days scenes should be reviewed by the director and some crew members. The cast should be kept encouraged and aware of how the movie is moving ahead. The director declares the shooting finished when all of the scenes are shot.
4. Post-Production
All of the movie should be edited, the cuts should be made, it should be of the desired length of time, and the sound mix should be synced with the video recordings that have been made. The credits and special effects should be added. Now the movie is finished.
5. Distribution
This is pretty self-explanatory, but one thing you need to keep in mind is that you should not just release the movie with DVDs and other media, but press conferences and other promotions should be held, no matter what.