Making of European films means the movie is constructive and realistic

Over the last 4 decades, American films and European films have grown much alike and it is true, you might have known if you are a movie lover and watch both European and US movies. But what is the reason for that? There are so many reasons for that and one of the reasons is the market place itself. European film makers perceived that Americans watches Hollywood films considering them as standard and so the film makers started their thinking why not to target the US market by making similar types of movies. On the other hand, American producers and directors watched some great European movies and inspired by those they made movies for Americans, sometimes with nearly same script.

Now what’s the different between European and American films? Well, most of the American movie-watchers have age between 14-24 years and they wish to watch women breast, exploding things, cars, violation and preferably all together, so the film maker put those things on the movies. On the other hand in Europe, kids don’t want watch women breast or exploding things. They watch movies that make real sense and learn. This is what makes the European movies different from US movies.

Over the last decade, so many European movies have been made. Some of them were very successful as they were considered for the Oscars, while most of other movies were average. All types of the movies such as tragic, action and romantic have been made according to the demands and expectations of the movie lovers.

European films are loved and appreciated by the people and these films are not only watched by the Europeans, but these are very popular all around the world. Almost every country of the world plays European movies in their cinemas; however, these films are not popular as the Hollywood films.