KAUWBOY, wins the first ever European Film Academy Young Audience Award

KAUWBOY by Boudewijin Koole has won the first ever European Film Academy Young Audience Award by the vote of 10-13 years old audiences in Amsterdam, Belgrade, Copenhagen, Erfurt, Norrkoping and Turin. From the three nominated films young audiences have elected KAUWBOY as the best. The award was presented to the co-author Jolein Laarman . The co-author thanked the organizers for this remarkable initiative and stated “it’s so important that the European Film Academy gives all the children a voice!”.

The main story of this 78 minutes film goes with a boy and a bird. When the movie starts there is nothing, nothing at all but after a few minutes there’s a flame. Jojo, an ordinary young boy lives with his father. One day he finds a jackdaw fallen from its nest. He tries to get it back but the jackdaw falls again. Jojo feels sorry for the bird and takes it to home. But his father doesn’t like any pets, so he had to hide it from his father. Jojo is also a member of the local waterpolo teams where he meets with this amazing girl Yenthe.

The 10 years old boy faced the aggression of his father when he finds out Jojo is hiding a baby bird into the house. He punched Jojo in the face and tells him to get rid of it. Though, the jackdaw looks disgusting when it stretches out but Jojo loves it. The touchy film goes on with the critical situation of Jojo.

Youngsters voted for this dramatic story of Jojo and his pet bird. The EFA award giving result was reported live via Skype video conference in Erfurt. TV host Juri Tetzlaff moderated the awards ceremony which was transmitted through online live streaming. German jury speakers Marie-Louis and Carl presented the award to the co-author of the film.