European Films – Frames That Speak

Europe is known to be the birth place of modern films and theater art with the discovery of camera.  European films cater as the mainstay entertainment in European and many countries throughout the world.  They portray the color, charisma, and the way of life of European.  Traditionally speaking European movies portrayed the culture through various dramatical themes, which keep the movie interesting from start to end.  Mainly European films are produced in Germany, Italy, France, Spain and come out in various native and international languages, which portrays the color of the country in which it is born.  Generally European films are meant to be universal ones with strong story lines and importance given to dramatization and feminine roles.

The genres include romance, comedy, and family melodrama, and primarily satirical type of comedy is portrayed in European Cinemas.  The strong story lines are either taken from leading and best-selling novels and sometimes the entire film is poetical.