Chris Marker, an Indefatigable European Film and Video Maker

In making of European films Chris Marker is one of the most immense talents, curious spirit, and a secret person and had outstanding influence. In the Age 0f 91 on 30th July, 2012 he passed away. In his six decades career he made over 50 films, which inspired many of young generation in anti-colonial politics and many more will be. In 1962 he made La Jetee (The Pier), a short film based on a story of a survivor of future war. This soldier travelled back from future to relieve his own death. With this outstanding film he gained huge popularity.

He is also popular for his documentaries. In 1961, he made one on profile of Fidel Castro and Cuban revolution, named Cuba Si. Along with other European directors he protested American invasion in Southeast Asia. He directed a documentary named Loin du Vietnam (Far From Vietnam) in 1967. This French film maker won heart of millions by Le fond de l’air est rouge (A Grin without a Cat) in 1977 which perfectly reflected the revolutionary events on May 1968.

For promoting French film making he spent his several years of works. On profile of Kurosawa he released a documentary in 1985. This talented director released his last short film in 2007. He released it in internet and just after few days it became one of the most viewed documentaries.

All of European film makers paid homage tribute to this intellect. When he took his last breath in his 91st birthday he was in his home in Paris. When most people run after limelight, he respectfully stayed away through his whole life. He was born in Christian-François Bouche-Villeneuve in the wealthy Paris suburb of Neuilly. According to Cinematheque Française this French film maker was a master of poetic film making.