A.M. Awesome: DMC To Produce Electric Deloreans In 2013

As fans of Back to the Future, we’re getting dangerously close to a 2015 that promised flying cars and holographic Jaws films. Is science going to fail us? Probably. We only recently got flashy shoes from the series and they didn’t even have power laces, so asking for flying cars may be a little unrealistic, but with any luck we’ll at least be able to pick ourselves up a brand spanking new Delorean by then.

The Delorean Motor Company, DMC, have unveiled and allowed media test drives of their new DMCEV, a relatively high powered electric version of the classic 80s Delorean made famous by Doc Brown and Marty McFly. This new model won’t travel anywhere in time, but with 200hp and 0-60 in 4.9 seconds it’ll get you anywhere in this timeline in a hurry, without needing the qualifier “for an electric car”. Jalopnik’s Kevin McCauley got to spend some time with the weighty car saying that it remains true to its 1980s Delorean roots, but comes with modern conveniences like a built in iPod dock, presumably so you can blast Alan Silvestri’s iconic score.

DMC is working with electric car company Epic EV and with Flux Power (fitting) to develop a strong battery that will take it farther than the current parameters which limit the DMCEV to “70 miles comfortably and 100 if driven extra efficiently” per charge. The team has prototypes in road tests and car shows, but a finalized version of the vehicle won’t go into production until 2013, so start saving now.

As expected, the gullwing doors are still present in this new model, but lacks some of the other modifications we remember from Back to the Future. I can’t wait for the day when one of these passes me on the highway with a Mr. Fusion sticking out the top and a flux capacitor in the back seat. That will be awesome.

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A.M. Awesome: DMC To Produce Electric Deloreans In 2013